See Kanap Dance


Kanap is Japanese.  Kanap dances.  Kanap has probably dyed her hair using every color on a Pantone chart.  If I had to describe Kanap using only one word, I wouldn’t be able to because she is friendly, complex, creative, and she rocks.



My strongest image of Kanap is that of a dancer with deep ties to R&B, hip-hop street culture which she says has influenced her since she was in junior high school.  She has danced throughout her days as an Italian major at the prestigious Tokyo University of Foreign Studies where I first met her, and continues to rip the dance stage even after graduating.

Even while balancing her life as a mother of a beautiful baby girl, Kanap continues to be as cool as ever.  Parenthood might slow most people down, but not Kanap.  Baby Maiya is a big part of Kanap’s life and inspiration, and she lovingly reciprocates by showing her daughter early on the excitement of what it means to be human through art and dance.  Kanap’s creative drive is so strong, she has already passed it on to her daughter!  Check out baby Maiya – she cool!  She rocks!


One thing that I admire about Kanap is how she flips the bird to the conservative elements of Japanese society and says what she wants, whenever and wherever she wants through her dance, fashion, and way of thinking.  She is who she is, and likes to do what she does best – move to the music.  Also, she has no problem pushing a baby stroller with red hair (probably Pantone 1925 c) through the crowded streets and trains of Tokyo.  Hell yeah!


(Kanap expressing herself to Diplo)


Kanap told me that she thrives using her body to communicate, and I think she does so very well.  Recently, however, Kanap is also exploring filmmaking as a way to show the beauty of human movement, and it keeps her close to what she loves to do.  She recently produced a music video of sorts which she shot entirely on her iPhone and edited using iMovie.  Kanap used Gil Scott-Heron’s “NY is Killing Me” as the base-track for this deep, borderline-erotic video of some hot-looking dancers moving themselves, intertwined with some ballet footage which looks like it was shot using an 8mm camera.  When I saw the final cut posted on YouTube, the first thing I said to myself was “daaayum, Kanap!”  She even appears in the video at 0:35.  Check it out below.

I’m excited to see what Kanap has in store for the future; a new dance performance, a new music video perhaps.  To find out what Kanap is up to these days, check her newly set up Facebook page, Gold Simplicity.  Whatever it is that she creates or is involved with, I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be fun, creative, and, most importantly, colorful.


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