Dentsu “Japanese-ness” 日本って感じ

When I first saw this PR video for Japanese advertising agency, DENTSU (without reading the description), the first thing I thought was “nihonttekanji” 日本って感じ.  In English, that would go something like “That’s very Japanese.”  Yeah, that video captures the feeling and experience of what it feels like to visit a Japanese company.  Polite, formal, uniform.  AT LEAST THAT”S WHAT I THINK / FEEL as a foreigner living in Japan.  I thought that the studio that produced this video, Lucid Inc., did a great job capturing that Japanese spirit.

I then read the video description, and that’s exactly what they were trying to achieve with this video.  To capture the “Japanese-ness” of Dentsu to coincide with the Dentsu London office opening.

I’d like to know what Japanese people think about this video.  Any Japanese people out there want to comment on this?


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