Interview with Motion Graphics Artist (and Japan lover): Gabriel Perez


Kakudai: Have you always wanted to be a motion graphics artist?

GP: To put it simple, no. I never knew things like that even existed. I do remember begging for MTV when I was younger because I was addicted to Music Videos which I think was my initial love for Motion Graphics/Video Production. I was in college for Graphic Design which is where I thought my talents would be best applied. Painting graffiti, being into fashion, taking photos of anything and everything, I figured print was it. The school I was attending (Expression College For Digital Arts) eventually changed the title of my Major to Motion Graphics. I actually wasn’t into it. As I started to learn more, I realized it was a bit of everything I had always loved doing combined into one. Now I get hired on jobs to work on Music Videos. Using Photography, Graff, drawn/painted elements. Motion Graphics allowed me to broaden my talents and of course make it a bit easier to find work.

Kakudai: Which project pushed your skills as a motion graphics artist? Briefly describe.

GP: Hands down, all the work I produced for Linkin Park. I worked freelance for Ghost Town Media, a Visual Effects house located in Los Angeles, where I produced a large selection of work. From print designs, poster concepts, commercials, bumbers, a handful of music videos, two of which have been nominated for a VMA (Best Visual Effects) and even their tour projections. Ghost Town really pushed me to express myself using LP as the main ingredient. Because of this, insomnia over took and the crops flourished.

Kakudai: Are there any particular projects that you would like to get involved with?

GP: Nothing too specific. I always am into collaborations and projects but too often they fall short. If you are interested, contact me.

Kakudai: What other creative activities do you enjoy besides motion graphics?

GP: I definitely feel like most of life is a creative activity. More specifically in the “defined” art scene. I paint, animate, design, draw, write graffiti, collage, blog, photograph… Probably a couple others that aren’t coming to me currently. I feel as an artist, or someone who is creative, one medium isn’t enough to express oneself. I love Hip-Hop. Ever since I was a kid. Watching Bboys, DJ’s, MC’s, its all been a huge part of my life. But what I have always loved is how they have mixed, and remixed various forms of art. Because of this, its really pushed me to search and research various parts of life to then influence my own work. Ive always felt, the more I experience, the more I explore, the more creative my work becomes. That in itself, the art of “Digging” is a huge creative activity I am involved in.

Kakudai: Designing your own t-shirt brand – how did you get involved in this area? What type of designs are you aiming for?

GP: I have always been into graphic tee’s. But often times, fashion for men in the US is very limited I feel. You go to malls and you can really only get about 10 brands of shirts. Usually each store has the same season of designs. And often times they are terrible. This is my personal opinion of course. So I wanted to create something of my own. Its important I feel to understand the process of the craft you work in. Since I have always worked on designs, vector, traditional, paintings, I have always had an interest in screen printing. Although I don’t take on the work myself, I am very involved in the printing process, watch, and pay attention to the professionals and take note. My main goal is to have an item people love. Great material, attention to detail, and just pure love for the things I produce. Too many things these days don’t last, and or, are harmful to the enviornment. This is something I have no interest in being involved in.

Kakudai: You have an interest in the art / design scene in Japan. What is appealing for you about Japan? Would you like to do professional work there?

GP: I WOULD LOVE TO WORK FOR, OR IN JAPAN! Please hire me! Hahaha. Although I have only visited Japan twice and I in no way claim to fully know the culture, past or present, I love the variety. From clothing, paper, toys, art, architecture, public transportation, Japan really supports its individual growth. What I mean by this? Its safe to say that In Japan, you wont find a McDonalds around every corner waiting to push its unhealthy, meaningless food down your throat. More “mom and pops”, less corporate scum. Every store has something different even if their main item is the same. The customer service is another thing that blows me away in Japan. The pride, the love, the development, the sense of culture and respect. Japan makes me feel like there is a way for people to live together, in a small space, and still have a lot of their needs met. Once again, I want to say that I am expressing these opinions from a travelers perspective. Nothing is perfect, everything can be enhanced, changed, and developed. To any who feel I have miss spoke, please accept my apology and understand I am learning more and more about the culture.

Gabriel’s new line of cool-looking t-shirts.

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Gabriel Perez

Motion Graphic Artist | Video Production | Mix Media


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